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Bloody Harps do it again

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

by a sub standard supporter.

My lifelong hatred for football was ruined a few years ago when I went to a training session with the Madrid Harps and fell in love with Gaelic football.

I´ve fallen a few times since then but my Harp enthusiasm has twiddled somewhat slightly after being defeated so unmercifully by The Madrid Harps while playing for their B Team, The O´Donnells on Saturday.

Right now I feel as enthusiastic as a Harpist playing on a runway for a billionaire with a bad combover (Trump arriving in Ireland) and seem to have suffered something of a Harp attack.

Blue and Red went head to head and after a few short minutes, The Harps had taken a strong lead with some fast goals.

Like a pool table titled on one side, the Harps pocketed three goals while their keeper turned his goalposts into a fucking hammock.

I arrived late in the afternoon, sick as a dog and still unable to shake a cold for over a month. Actually, since I went swimming in A Coruña after the second tournament.

I know I missed a lot of great football but what I saw when I did arrive was the Harps erect a forcefield around their posts as some unholy magic saw balls bounce away, inches from the post. I watched balls dodge the posts as longer and longer shots got closer and closer.

Someone found a special shamrock and luck was on the side of the four-leafed Harps which was enjoyable to watch as an O´Donnell player until it came time to play against the bloody Harps.

The O´Donnells played long when clearly a shorter game with more passing would have worked better and David the Harps keeper sat down for a well-earned rest which I so definitely wanted to wake him from.

One goal from the Harps rapid succession of three goals and I would have been happy.

Harppy to see the Harps winning, I was eager to hit the Harps hard and earn my stripes as the Harps needed to conserve their energy in the final fight of the day, the final against Valencia.

Marking mi amigo Andres, he wanted me to stay still so he didn´t have to run around so much in the sweltering sun but after some success for the O´Donnells in the first round in Barcelona, it was time for the B team to take some of the Madrid magic and get some goals and points while the keeper slept on the sidelines.

Venga O´Donnells, Venga Harps, well-done Harpettes and well done to all my fellow Harp haters who travelled so far for a great weekend.

We will have to get the Harps in Valencia :)

TEAMWOLF: The only time Morgybear gets the ball.

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