• Morgan Fagg


A lesson in time

Today as we celebrate Bloomsday

and the adventures of Leopold Bloom

as he wanders around Dublin on the 16th of June.

I find myself walking around my school

Colegio Berriz, wearing a straw hat

and round glasses just like James Joyce.

I say goodbye to my friends and students in Berriz

3 years teaching 3 year olds.

I´ve known some of these students half their lives

I even remember some of my students from

when they were still in their mother´s tummies.

3 years is not a long time,

the price we pay, in prison,

for a small crime.

But 3 years is the time I have spent in Berriz, Molino and Spain.

My Spanish life began in Berriz

I live on Cervantes´street where his body was recently found,

I´ve seen bull runs, riots on the streets, abdication and

the new king driving in Franco´s Rolls Royce

and Real Madrid play in Santiago Bernabeu.

I´m surrounded by art, Picasso, Dali, Velazquez

and say goodbye to my art teachers, Ana, Carolina and Igor.

I´ve seen lots of teachers come and go

and now it is my time to say goodbye.

I´ve seen earthquakes in Spain,

Watched the news as an Airbus M400 crashed in Seville

wondering if a parent of some of our students was onboard.

Seen a student selling Hyundai cars on CNN

and Swam in Molino´s 50m pool.

I´ve seen Endless dancing and laughing

and heard endless talking in class too.

I´ve dressed as James Joyce and Dracula,

Charlie Chaplin and the devil too.

I´ve seen anti disturbios disturb the school

and let children pet their dogs and sit on their police bikes.

I´ve seen €20 million Tigre helicopters fly over our heads

and 80 year old flying boats fly over the school.

I´ve seen Bomberos heroically demonstrate their role

and I´ve even slid down the pole, like a fireman too.

I´ve drank green water in school for St Patrick´s Day,

I´ve died my hair green and wore a cape like Dracula for Halloween too.

I can not write like James Joyce

and I have not read Ulysses

the greatest book in the world

The reason we celebrate Bloomsday

But this is my Berrizday.

This is a lesson in time from

my teachers and friends

and the present of

a magnificent watch,

to watch time go bye.

Punctuality, for an Irishman

When will they learn?

See you next time.


En Madrid

16th of June 2015


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