• Morgan Fagg

For Whom the Bell Tolls

An anti-mask strategy that could work well for everybody

People shouldn't be forced to wear masks if they don't want to and while I think it is best that they do, I think there is a simple solution for those anti-maskers and mask-debaters who don't want to wear masks.

With the argument that "masks are torture" and that their rights are being suppressed, I think it is important that we offer some simple solutions and have come up with one ingenious idea that has worked very effectively in the past.

Lifted straight from medieval medicine, we give each mask-debater a bell to ring.

One bell rang all day, should keep the virus away.

Mask-debaters could be heard but not seen as everyone could choose to avoid their noisy neighbours who don't want to wear their masks in the street.

The death toll is approaching a million people but this handy tool could save millions.

Tied around their necks, bells could keep herd immunity at bay as there is a limit to the number of bells being rung that most people can stand and the annoying sound of anti-maskers chiming in on Coronavirus could effectively keep Covid-19 at bay.

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