• Morgan Fagg

Be the light at the end of the house

There is a fog of uncertainty right now but I think if you work in this essential service in the traditional sense, you should still stay at home or at least in your house.

There is nothing keeping you from your work and you could still be the shining light in your community that saves people who have drifted into danger.

Be the light at the end of the house and keep a light on for us all as we weather this storm.

Okay, I know most light houses are probably automated but do we really have to remind light house keepers that they are essential workers and surely some of them can work from home?

In days gone by, Lighthouse keepers operated lightning fast communication for transport by sea and it seems strange to see it having to be listed. To be honest, I think they should just list those people excluded from this list and where does a tuk tuk and horse drawn carriage fall under on this list?

YOU'RE A ROCK: A generic search for lighthouses gave me this wonderful image of Fastnet Lighthouse off the coast of Cork. Six miles out to sea, the mighty lighthouse is unmanned and an incredible sight to see. I once had the opportunity to climb onto Fastnet Rock and see the lighthouse, and then dive into the clear water around it and swim back to RIB that dropped me off on the rock.

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