• Morgan Fagg

Be Spoke

Wouldnt it BeBest if we looked at Obama's comments with the same optimism that he mis-spoke everytime he said something that offended conservatives?

Dressed in a bespoke suit, Obama has continually been attacked for what he has said, what he wore when he said it and what he ordered to eat.

No drama Obama certainly attracted a lot of negative attention from the likes of Fox News but all media seemed to jump on the bandwagon to attack him for minor offences.

Trump in his suit, two sizes too big for him and his extra long tie, just smiles as he lies and people have to defend what he said and what he meant.

They use the excuse, "Maybe he mispoke" as he fails to defend Proud Boys as he decries "Fake News" which is strange considering that his supporters love him for saying what he thinks and telling it as it is.

The Daily Show below reveals the incredible critism Obama experienced for very insignicant reasons.

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