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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Today like most days, I took the train from Atocha.

As I arrived there was no time displayed next to the digital display that said Pio/ Rosas and I presumed I had missed the train as the destination can linger on the display as the train pulls away.

I descended down the escalator and there was a large group of people waiting on the platform so I knew that I hadn’t missed the train.

There was no time displayed which is normal for the contempt Atocha shows towards commuters so I went up the next set of escalators to check a different monitor that shows the times for all incoming trains.

It said that the train (Well, Pio/Villal) would be there in six minutes but I knew that it could be six minutes before Atocha would present this essential information to their passengers.

I took some pictures from above the platform where you can see some trains coming and going without any indication for when the train would arrive on Platform 4.

I descended the escalator and waited for the timetable to actually show the time but I ran out of time before my train arrived and I had to go.

Where are the times in these timetable?

Why does the monitor keep changing destination from Pio/Villal to Pio/Rosas?

How can anyone possibly keep track of this chaos on the tracks?

Atocha is not a shortcut.

Buy a car with a clock, cycle in the same time if you can but if It is Time to Act, surely this time-travelling is a sign of the times we live in where public transport isn't given the time of day.

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