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Are we on the safest path?

Whenever I hear about Covid-19 announcements that will take effect in a few days, I wonder why not tell people to restrict their plans immediately.

Legally businesses, I'm sure, get to stay open for a few days and have time to inform staff and cancel appointments and bookings etc but if you are closing down an area, surely you should close it down ASAP.

I would say, Effective immediately we will be putting restrictions in place that will come into force on Monday etc.

I'm not sure if Covid has a calendar and works 9-5 but it has already taken six months off 2020 making most diaries absolutely useless this year.

The sign above, "Give Cyclists Space" gives me hope that we are on a safe path forward.

What a Trip

Once while cycling 100km from Athlone to Galway, I came across a sign that said, "Cyclists should dismount" and as I crossed the train tracks which went diagonally across the road, I dismounted in the most uncomfortable way and had to quickly roll away from the bike, and off the road in case there was a bus or truck behind me.

My racer had to grip on the wet slippery track.

Picking up my bike and limping towards the sign, it was clear that I would have been able to complete my return trip home if I had seen and read and followed the "Cyclists should dismount through the level crossing" sign.

I hurt my leg and my ego but it could have been much worse if anyone was driving right behind me.

We all know that there are dangers ahead and not everyone is paying attention to the signs but we have to start communicating clearly what the dangers are and how to avoid these little trips and spills.

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