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What's on tv during the Apocalypse?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Doesn't it feel like we are living in some kind of movie?

I have heard some people refer to this moment in time as like living in a film which will raise the question, what is everyone watching during the lockdown and what have films got right about such events in the past?

Tonight Anna told me that there is an asteroid approaching and NASA expects it to pass close to Earth but nobody's got time for that unless it cuts power on earth like in the new SKY tv-series COBRA.

Yes, the streets are empty like you would expect to see in a zombie film like 28 Days Later and people are boarded up in their homes even it is only UPS, Deliveroo and Amazon knocking on our doors.

In America, people are buying guns but in fairness, Americans are always buying guns.

People are making and sharing .gifs and memes and I am trying to photograph this madness too.

Before the Lockdown began, My girlfriend and I went to Mediamarkt to buy a new tv. Their uniforms reminded me a little of Shaun of the Dead's electrical store but after waiting on the one salesman, forever, we went to El Corte Ingles and bought a 43" 4K tv.

Leaving the store with a giant tv under my arms, I couldn't help but be reminded of Colossus in X-Men 2 when his school closed too. Not sure I looked as heroic as Colossus though.

We are connected like never before and thank goodness for Skype who has created a platform that has handled the demand for effective live-screening of meetings and on-line classes.

Class with Hugo in La Matriz.

Yesterday as I started an 8-o´clock morning class, my student told me that he had set-up multiple screens in his living room and took a picture of me on his screens.

Hugo (not Hugo Weaving) shared this scary picture of me that should not go un-screened.

Things are getting strange and scary and poor Fiachra McLoughlin messaged me before my morning class to say that I was everywhere. I was on his Facebook feed, radio, and local newspapers.

The Birds in Spain have even turned a little Psycho with no one feeding the pigeons in the streets.

The pubs might be closed but I think we are all very anxious for this to all blow over.

APOCALYPSE NOW: We may be at war but I wasn't expecting such an onslaught of memes.

MATRIX NOW: Morpheus morphs back into Gunner's Mate Tyrone "Mr. Clean" Miller to fight a very different war than the one he fought as Dr. Ellis Cheever in Contagion or online in The Matrix.

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