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Angelina Jolie wants to be president, Great

So Angelina Jolie wants to be president, great

In 2020 there will be many people looking to unseat their unhinged president but who will do it? I’m guessing no one. SAD

Hillary won in 2016 as America lost and the same can happen again. Trump only has to win one and he wins whereas his opponents will have to win both the Popular Vote and the unpopular Electoral College vote as Trump will declare it null and void if he doesn’t get his way.

The question in 2016 was always, would Trump accept defeat as easily as Hillary did?

He might not have respected the vote if he lost and then there was always the fear of a call to arms for 2nd Amendment gun nuts, if he lost.

Angelina Jolie is a woman which goes against her if she is a Democrat so let’s drop the Dems quickly and run as another tv Republican.

The Republicans haven’t had a good presidential candidate since John McCain who I disliked at the time for his choice of VP and when we think of Sarah Palin everyone needs to remember that Republicans were fine with a crazy gun totting candidate like Palin so Angelina Jolie should definitely consider running as a Republican especially on the basis of her Lady Lara Croft shoot-em-up Tomb Raider character as long as her ex-husband doesn’t come home drunk and do a Mr & Mrs Smith on the White House but then again Republicans might enjoy a little 2nd Amendment action.

The UN goodwill ambassador is a good representative I’m sure and her father Jon Voight played an excellent Secretary of Defence in the first Transformers film, should she wish to keep with the Trump tradition of hiring family members as advisors and the nepotism of the Kennedys.

Angelina Jolie is an excellent candidate but America has no shortage of good candidates. The problem for the Democratic Party will be unifying behind one candidate while ignoring many suitable candidates as we saw with Bernie Sanders, a man who appealed to a lot of new voters like Trump attracted people to the Republican Party but who was ignored in favour of Hillary who was due her turn after waiting 8 years of Obama’s Hope-full campaign.

I always thought that Hillary should have ran as Kerry’s VP in 2004 and removed Bush who went on to win a popular vote on his second attempt. In my humble opinion she should have made her move as a VP in 2004 and maybe if she had won the primary in 2008 instead of Obama or if McCain had won the White House over Obama in 2008 than Obama’s success in the aftermath of the Financial Crisis could have been very different but Republicans could have stomached anything from a white guy in the White House even if that meant a completely unsuitable VP like Alaska’s Sarah Palin.

Unlike the tv President or the UN ambassador actress Angelina Jolie, Sarah Palin not only attracts tv documentaries and sneers from late night tv hosts, she inspired the tv series VEEP.

Palin is hard to nail down, that reminds me she was even mocked in porn with the Hustler film, Nailin Palin but she is strange to figure out and she doesn't even know which crazy comments she has made and which are satire.

JIMMY FALLON: Palin supports Trump and believes immigrants should "speak American"

Trump took the White House after losing the Popular Vote demonstrating that Democrats keep winning elections but not necessarily winning anything. Hillary’s husband’s VP, Al Core won everything from Oscars to Noble Prizes and I’m sure Grammys too. He even won the White House in 2000 but counting seems an impossible task these days and the Electoral College went for Bush. Yeeeha.

The much mocked Sarah Palin below and VEEP actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus on top.

High in the polls. VEEP

It seems An Inconvenient Truth to mention that boring Gore was an environmentalist over his ShockNAwe cowboy rival who hit the jackpot when terrorists attacked on 911 meaning no one could attack him politically or the terrorists would win.

Hillary deserves our full respect but cannot successfully take the White House in 2020 without something incredible behind her, like Obama as her VP. I took issue with the poor choice of her VP Tim something. She needed a Joe Biden or someone much more dynamic. Bernie or Bust must have really upset the Clinton campaign and Mr Sanders could have ran independently if he wanted with the amount of support his campaign received.

Moving forward she needs someone like Colin Kaepernick as VP. Someone to get under Trump’s thin skin and unnerve him. People expect her to just go away and be quiet which is an insulting attitude for someone who won the Popular Vote. She didn’t fail, democracy did.

She went before the people after a lifetime of public service and was attacked at every step of the way. She was not always personal and certainly not popular but she did it. She won and won by an impressive margin.

Her only failure was throwing in the towel when a Recount was badly needed and investigations into Russian hacking and other anomalies properly investigated. To my knowledge, she accepted the unacceptable and must struggle every day to get out of bed when she hears what Trump has said or done. Trump’s Electoral College win particularly in a few swing states were marginal wins that needed to be double checked whereas if they were any higher than they might have raised suspicion. That is not to say that Trump didn’t win those states that voted for Obama and it was predicted long ago by film maker Michael Moore that Trump would win states like Michigan.

How about Arnie for president or at least VP?

The man is a legend, he is republican and has made enough violent films to earn the respect of his fellow Republicans especially the NRA sponsored ones. He is the Terminator FFS.

He cannot be president of course because he was not born in America but Trump has broken enough laws for us to give Austrian Arnie a break.

In fact, if you watch Demolition Man, Sandra Bullock explains it very well to Sylvester Stalone how laws were changed to allow Arnie to run. The Running Man has a fantastic attitude and I think he once described how you have to conquer yourself internally before the universe. Conan the conquerer can do it and he did win Mr Universe whereas the man he would be replacing is more famous for walking in on teenage girls undressing at Miss American.

Anyone can beat Trump in any one area, Spelling for example. Health, spelling health for example. Arnie would make America do a push-up where as Republicans hated Michelle Obama for taking a healthy stance.

Angelina Jolie is a good person, Trump is not.

Angelina Jolie has married three times so has Trump but whereas Jolie has married movie stars like Billy Bob Thornton, Brad Pitt and Jonny Lee Miller.

Unlike her first spouse, Johnny Lee Miller, who stars in the American tv series, Elementary, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to recognise her talents and while she may have married the original Bad Santa, Billy Bob Thornton. There is no sign that she will shut down Christmas or cancel Christmas parties for the enemy of the state, journalists.

SEXY AND SALTY, Jolie plays a Russian spy on tv.

If you do want a communist spy saluting North Korean generals then Jolie can always reprise her role as Salt which I thought was a fantastic film about a sleeper spy infiltrating the White House.

One of her earlier roles when the Rolling Stones weren’t looking to know Has anyone seen my baby? was with Denzel Washington in the Bone Collector. Maybe Denzel could run as her VEEP even though I always thought President Washington sounded much better for her Bone Collector co-star. Not only does Denzel not have bone spurs but he could give some incredible speeches.

By comparison, imagine Trump giving an Independence Day speech, how many people would ask the alien Space Force to, “take us to your leader?”

The TV president has been a disaster and I don’t mean in the Morgan Freeman Deep Impact kinda disaster, I mean in the Get Smart kinda espionage way where American democracy has been ridiculed at every step, from firing 15,000 soldiers in a homophobic tweet to government shutdowns and revealing the location of Navy Seals in a photo op in Iraq which called for the Iraqi government to question America’s presence in their country. Do you know how bad a leader you have to be to be asked to leave Iraq?

That reminds me, Charlie Sheen would make a better president. Charlie Sheen fought Saddam Husein more convincingly than George Bush and dropped the Mother of all Bombs on the Iraqi dictator.

Like George Dubya Bush, Charlie Sheen’s father has been president too. Martin Sheen first appeared as JFK in an 80s tv series before becoming a fictional president for several seasons of The West Wing.

Miles apart, Martin Sheen recreated this Apocalypse Now scene and gave the money to charity.

Charlie Sheen could play an unscripted president easily and has been very open about living with a porn star and paying for sex.

But the best actor by far to be the next American president is Tom Hanks.


Before you say no T.Hanks, the Oscar-winning actor only has to play the President in a similar way to his role in The Simpsons’ Movie where he steps in to explain what happened to Springfield with the lines, “Hi I’m Tom Hanks, the government has lost all credibility so they are borrowing mine."

Don't rule out actors, whoever runs in 2020 will need some serious name recognition if they don't want to rely on suspicious campaign backers.

Angelina Jolie does not strike me as a bad person and the UNHCR Special Envoy and with her six children three of whom were adopted, she would certainly add diversity to the First Family alone.

This actress who played the video game character Lady Lara Croft in Tombraider received an actual honorary damehood of the Order of St Michael and St George. This UN Ambassador advocates for women's rights and the environment as well refugees who the current president sees as refuse.

Time will tell if her ex-husband Brad Pitt comes back into her life for an epic Mr & Mrs Smith finale but with the nuclear codes at her finger tips, maybe Brad Pitt will have to get his own Ocean's 11 team together to take down the Lady Tombraider actress.

Whoever America casts when they cast their vote, actress Angelina Jolie is better than some of the made for tv presidency we have seen recently and the UN Ambassador has at least got a heart.

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