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An even darker Black Friday this year

Naturally, I wanted a lot off but that's not what I got

It's Black Friday again and I don't know how to feel about that knowing that everyone has jumped on the American band wagon for this event without getting the full Thanksgiving and enornmous savings.

Last year, I saw plenty of shops offering 5% and 10% off for Black Friday and even posters up where it didn't look like there was any savings to be made.

There is an irony of course in the fact that Americans gather together to give thank god for all they have, on the third Thursday of November each year and then stample on each other for bargains the very next day.

I also don't understand why Americans thank god for saving them when it was Native American Indians who actually helped them out.

You have to admit that thanking God for getting the savages to save you is a little messed up.

I try to avoid buying into Black Friday and would rather just be thankful for all I already have.

That said, I'm not going to pass up a bargain and last year I stopped to get my haircut as my barber had a 10% off bargain and I took it. I also took a photograph and was glad I did as I had two very different photographs when I returned 26 weeks later after 99 days of Lockdown.

Manuel Casal was covered in masks and PPE and should be running a hospital really when you look at the way he looks after custmers and himself.

BLACK THEN: Black Friday 2019 and then again in May 2020

Two haircuts later and the face shield has been moved and the disposable gloves but the masks remain as Manuel cuts my hair. Manuel has 10% off on haircare products but it is his care and focus that I go there for. Situation near the Spanish parliament, Manuel should be running the country.


It has been an extraordinary year and on the wall above his head, the date remains as Friday the 13th of March 2020 reflecting the time he dropped his scissors and shut his shop as the strict Lockdown began.

I asked him for a number one at the sides and he seemed surprised.

He knew I normally had a number three or four haircut at the sides and advised against a number one.

I argued that, I don't go out of my house and that I wanted a Mad Max style haircut as we seem to be living in some dystopian time. I believe the Mad Max timeline is set in the 2020s so why not get with the times?

Manuel wasn't impressed with my ridiculous argument and I agreed to try a number two cut first.

As I said, Manuel should be running the country and when it comes to the pandemic, shouldn't we all be listening to the experts and those who know what they are talking about?

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