• Morgan Fagg

America Goes Fourth

America Goes Fourth

The colony that became a Superpower,

the sparks that fly in the sky on this date

because of the tea dumped overboard

and the men that fought too often in war

Profited from foreign lands destruction

but never healing the wounds at home

that shackled slaves

and handcuffed their descendants

Crimes committed and ignored,

reports filed as Epstein smiled

children trafficked to his island

Justice really is blind, Black, White or just a child

How many crimes has Lady Justice turned a blind eye to?

as the nightly news focused on just a few

Are Rednecks shouting with blunderbusses

and Confederate flags, a representation of White America?

The star-spangled banner causes some to take a knee

and others to take a knee-jerk reaction

The world laughs at the Divided States but forgets the principles

that made America Great, Life, Liberty and Justice for all

Is Europe’s memory so small?

A rusty Lady Liberty stands tall and welcomes all

adopted from the old world, the shining beacon of the globe

This colony that became a Superpower, watched a Russian empire crumble twice

A German Kaiser defeated and a Reich bombed to oblivion

But Columbus is not welcome, no more, his wicked deeds will soon, become known

His part, lost at sea, looking for India and the people labeled Indians might disagree

But he deserves to be remembered, not whitewashed as the discoverer

but remembered for all that he did, the hands that he severed

as examples for kids to dig for more gold

La Niña, Piñta, and Santa Maria, ships no less important than

Columbia or a Falcon 9, American should move Fourth

Vegan or Hamburger dishes

Liberal or Deplorable voters

The colony that stood up to a king and abolished slavery

for Life, Liberty and Freedom for All should not end like this

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America should move Fourth

July 4th 2020

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