• Morgan Fagg

It's alive

He strapped electrodes to the body,

not sure if it would work

He could reanimate a body with electricity

but could he bring this body back to live?

Brain function would be another question,

damage would be judged with some questions

"What do you remember?" "Where are you from?"

Scientists had studied freezing bodies and hyperthermia

and now the power was in his hand,

but could he bring this body back to life?

This was no science experiment

and the town's folk gathered on a hill,

they wanted answers, "Will he be alright?"

The defibrillator had worked,

an ambulance was on the way

and he thought and smiled,

I feel like Dr Frankenstein

shouting he's alive.

Watch this British Heart Foundation video explaining how to use a defibrillator for yourself.

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