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If you love YUCK as much as I do then this might be your lucky day.

YUCK is a touristy shop on Calle Atocha that sells t-shirts and novelty goods and I have always appreciated their prices and anytime a friend has needed some souvenir gifts from Spain, I always bring them into YUCK to have a look.

Today as I passed the novelty goods store, I saw that they have a closing down sale with 50% off all goods. Not up to 50% off as other shops have promoted in the past but 50% off all goods and while I didn't buy all their goods, I did have a good look around the shop and picked up three t-shirts, a half-price hip flask, and two beautiful bookends for €10 that be good value at twice the price.

I can't say how long the sale will last but I would like this business to last even though I know the lockdown and Coronavirus must have taken a terrible toll on all tourist shops in Spain.

You will find half-price t-shirts which I used to buy in the past because I liked the designs and prices and the children's sizes made for gifts at Christmas time for my nieces and nephews.

I hate to take advantage of these sales as people work hard to make these goods and then to sell them but I will happily promote them.

Ah Yuck

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