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How do you like them Oranges?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

So today, like every other day, Chump has said some COLORFUL things.

Shaping the White House

There is a reason children are taught colors and shapes at a very young age. One day they might grow up to be President of the United States or they might refuse to grow up at all and still become president and divide the States.

The orange one is just such a man where teaching him about ovals and circles was money well spent when it comes to directing the Pentagon from the Oval office.

While being investigated for treason, he has obstructed justice at several stages and fired FBI directors and deputy directors who didn’t agree with him.

He has appointed a few Attorney Generals and lost several decent generals along the way.

While discusing the Mueller report, Trump seemed to go all, Total Recall and started saying ORANGES again and again and again

“Take a look at the ORANGES, how it started, the ORANGES.”

This is not the first time that Trump has struggled to pronounce some basic words such as America and his Education secretary has even misspelled the word education.

Speaking Mandarin: The origins of oranges.

Despite claiming to know the best words, Trump struggles with basic words and yes he has a lot on his mind with 17, sorry 16 investigations questioning his illegal empire but the origins of all his problems is the Orange man reflected back at him in the mirror and no one else.

Trump started talking about oranges as if it was a safe word to let Russia know to pull him out as he is quite literally up to his orange pencil neck in it.

Trump’s mistake comes shortly after he revealed that his father was born in a really nice part of Germany when the world knows his father was born in New York and that his father’s vater was born in Deutschland. Born a year after Hitler died, Trump’s followers might be disappointed to learn that neither Hitler nor Hitler’s father were born in Germany.

Trump’s slurred speech is not just reduced to one fruity comment as Tim Cook the CEO of Apple computers has jokingly changed his Twitter handle to just Tim and the Apple logo after Trump called him Tim Apple.

I’m not saying Trump is unwell, we all know this sick bastard is unwell, I’m saying Trump needs to see a specialist doctor fast or Russia if you’re listening, you should have written down that the safe word was banana before letting this orange buffoon find himself in this nightmarish situation where the Mandarin Candidate who thinks that Napalm is Agent Orange has his finger on a very big red button.

Windmills don’t give you cancer but to be sure it would #BeBest if Melania brought him to the vet. At the very least she could finally have him neutered.

While listening to Trump repeating the same word again and again, I couldn't help but be reminded of the film Super Troopers and the shenanigans they got up to such as "the repeater" or seeing how many times they can say the word "meow". No Stranger to saying pussy repeatedly and people do let you say that when you are a celebrity. Trump has played the repeater with the word orange but how long is it before Trump starts appointing these Super Troopers as actual law enforcement officers?

His lawyer is in trouble, Trump calls him a rat, very specific language used by innocent people all the time and Trump continues to appoint Supreme Court judges who sound like they should be up in front of a judge themselves.

When Russian gives you Banana as a safe word but you forgot to write it down because it was just a fruit, better ask Tim Apple if he knows the signs of dementia.

Watch Republican Governator going berserk when stopped by the Space Force.

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