• Morgan Fagg

A111118 The Car Incident that started WW1

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

A loaded gun and one opportune moment to fire two shots, killing two, wounding everyone.

Only a couple of bullets that executed a royal couple on a bridge in Sarajevo.

The Archduke died and his father cried. Investigation denied no CSIs.

Their country armed and Germany marched to the front, allies aligned against axes nations.

Barbed wire unfolded and thousands of soldiers stories remain untold-ed.

Cousin against cousin against cousin, Britain declared “the Kaiser must die”

but many would die, because of that one guy, shot on a bridge by the Black Hand separatist group.

The Archduke's last words, “Sophie, Sophie, don’t die—stay alive for our children,”

the first unintended casualty that orphaned millions worldwide.

They shot at a car registered A111118 and millions of destroyed lives later an armistice was finally declared on the 11th hour of November 11th 1918.

A hundred years later, there has fortunately never been a car incident like A111118

THEIR KING-DUMB: Identical Twin Cousins George V of England and Nicholas II of Russia.

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