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BREXIT: A Titanic Success

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

The best thing about Brexit is that Britain can start fresh with a blank piece of paper, a clean slate.

There are no restrictions to hold the UK back now that they have exited Europe and I imagine it is a lot like designing a brand new aeroplane from scratch.

England can once again look to the sky and say “Britannia rules the waves.” They can make planes with square windows like the incredibly inventive de Havilland Comet.

The Comet amazed everyone at the time and lead the jet-set age, flying further and faster than ever before.

Despite restrictions on supersonic travel, England can look to the jet age with passenger jets like Concorde that can cross England, Scotland and Wales like never before.

The Concorde which was built with an accord with France was decades ahead of its time and can easily be recreated if England says bon voyage to environmental concerns and Climate Change.

British Airways' Concorde can rule the skies again, maybe Megan and Harry can take it across the Atlantic and maybe these futuristic 1960s' designs can finally join the Commonwealth together.

It is about time that Britain took another look at square windows on planes, went back to the drawing board on Olympic class ocean liners and made futuristic cars like the Delorean.

Boris Johnson has promised that Brexit would be a "Titanic success" but England doesn’t have to be restricted to conventional air travel, they could relaunch their fleet of dirigibles and people could travel in opulence onboard airships. Whatever happened to the R101?

With a piano onboard, people forget just how luxurious the Hindenburg was. Yes, some ideas will go down like a lead balloon but who doesn’t like Lead Zeppelin?

I know it might sound like they are re-inventing the wheel, which I believe was invented by world-renowned inventor Thomas Edison before President Washington took control of the airports in 1775.

Well if Trump's claims are to believed anyways and with such a strong bond between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump will probably be very eager to help the British like Washington was at the airports.

If all else fails, I am sure President Trump can sell Boris Johnson some Boing 737 Max airplanes, at a knock-down price until England can replace all their European Airbus employees and suppliers with Brexit supporters who can finally get Brexit done.


Higher up, beyond the clouds, Britain can also look at inventing its own GPS satellite system to replace their costly investment in European systems. The only problem being the lack of space, in space for yet another satellite system in Earth's orbit.

Take my hand, for I can see the future and like the inventor of gravity, Sir Issac Newton once said,

"The only way is up."

BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD: Gonna need more lifeboats on Titanic II


Disclaimer: Don't actually try to fly a plane with square windows as a number of Comets crashed as a result of this unfortunate design. Olympic Class liners had some success but Titanic will always be remembered for its maiden voyage. R101 like its German counterpart went down like a lead balloon.

I still want one of course but the Delorean was not the greatest car in the world and poor John Z Delorean was arrested for selling cocaine when his Belfast built car failed to sell.

Concorde was amazing and flew for decades but they are grounded for a reason and I can't imagine the fuel costs and environmental impact will make them very successful in the 21st century.

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