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Updated: Dec 28, 2018


I am just enjoying a delicious meal here in Madrid, patatas y pulpo, potatoes and octopus.

Downing the seafood with some sparkling white wine, we are not dependent on champagne even though my choice of cava is produced in Cataluña which could create problems if Barcelona BREXITs from Spain.

I thought I would share the recipe for this perfect little potato dish as Ireland prepares for a bright pan-European future without Britain.

Take your saucepan and boil some water and add potatoes which have been harvested by farmers in one pot and also an octopus in another pot which has come from the sea thanks to fishermen, truck drivers and fishmongers selling seafood.

Add a pinch of paprika and salt to some olive oil and mix all together.

The availability of spice might be in short supply but take everything I say with a pinch of salt as Ireland I am sure has never had any difficulty with potato dishes despite the Spanish word for hunger and famine being the same puta palabra, hambre.

Heat the food using gas and electricity provided Ireland doesn’t have any difficulty with either gas or electricity. Clearly, Ireland doesn’t need any gas or we wouldn’t have given away the Corrib Gas Pipeline away for nothing but electricity might be another thing as we have probably not invested enough in wind or wave energy despite the abundance of both and I wonder how many of the Wind Farms in Ireland are Irish owned.

FEAST OR FAMINE? Have we lost our way?

Going completely away from all farming in recent years. I wonder if Ireland has enough eggs to feed an island cut off from Europe.

Everyone knows that you cant make tortilla-de-patatas without breaking eggs but how many eggs are imported across England from the European mainland?

We have become an island that is far more Fair City than Glenroe where even the legendary actor Joe Lynch who played Dinny Byrne left Glenroe after only being offered, "small potatoes" and later died in Alicante in Spain in 2001. A generation has since been raised on Chinese and Indian take-aways.

My grandparents had a farm, they had chickens and cows and horses. They rode the cows, got milk from the chickens and eggs from the horses. Well, I’m not too sure of any of that as my generation hasn’t the same agriculture culture as my parents and grandparents and the Fisherprice circular toy that educated me on farm animals wasn't the best.

Also, I am not sure how effective that educational tool is here in Spain, the dog goes guay, guay, (wow, wow) and the bird doesn't chirp or tweet but goes pio pio instead.

Why did the chicken cross the border?

Brexiters might not welcome eggs born outside of England which could create trouble for truck drivers crossing the land bridge so don't put all your eggs in one basket and certainly don't count your chickens until the eggs have successfully passed customs in both Europe and England and have arrived intact to hatch with permission to stay outside their country of origin.

PLEASE NOTE: Some parts of this recipe are unnecessary complicated.

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