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A healthy discussion about Trump

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Melania Trump is worried about her husband’s health as a result of the Russia Investigation which is very interesting. In sickness and in wealth, Melania Trump has been seen as something of a Gold Digger because she hasn’t spoken much before about her husband’t health. The good wife is now suddenly worried about his health even though any other partner would have had grave concerns about his dietary habits for a very long time. Not only is Trump an unhealthy eater, he has a very negative opinion about any kind of exercise.

Recently it emerged that he had considered disgraced former CIA director General David Petraeus for a senior role in his administration but there was one thing that President Betrayus wasn’t very happy about. His health.

The guy exercised too much in the morning and Trump believed that he would be too tired to work. You see Trump believes that exercise exhausts you and has even compared the human body to a battery which runs out the more you use it.

OUTTA THIS WORLD: Watching too much tv, Trump believes the human body is like a battery.

General Petraeus is a marvellous man in my opinion but a man never the less and he was having an affair with a writer which showed a serious lack of judgment on his part when it comes to sharing a secure computer with his girlfriend, Paula Broadwell.

The reason I like him is because he hired Afghans to spy on the Taliban which gave the Afghans money and kept them on the side of the Americans and they didn’t need to join the Taliban. He thought outside the box and it paid off. Controversial but it seemed to be working. I think that’s what happened anyways.

The issue with for Trump was not about security or sex scandals but the guy exercised too much.

Trump also has a habit of doing the opposite of whatever he says, @realdonadjtrump is not at all real and healthiest president probably means the unhealthiest one above ground with him slightly healthier than George HW Bush who was buried recently.

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