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A Concentrated effort

Liz Cheney has criticised AOC’s Concentration Camp comments as being disrespectful and demeaning the honour of all those who perished or suffered inside Concentration Camps but let’s discuss the issue a little more.

Liz Cheney is the daughter of Dick Cheney so she is a bit of an expert in torture and putting people in controversial camps. Her father’s camps were condemned all over the world as were the lies that led to war in Iraq which completely destabilized the Middle East.

People were taken in the middle of the night and brought to places such as Guantanamo Bay in Cuba where they were tortured. Between CIA “Black Sites” and the photographs that surfaced of the dehumanising treatment that took place in prisons such as Abu Ghraib in Iraq which showed the world the horrors Americans are capable of.

In Ireland, I remember Labour Deputy Leader Liz McManus condemning the news, with words to the effect of, "the day America lost the war." The Bush Administration will not be remembered well for the lies that lead to the war in Iraq, the loss of life and the treatment and torture of people.

Unfortunately, the Trump regime might be stepping up from the Vice president’s day with Trump appointing people like Gina Haspel to head up the CIA. Haspel was chief of base at one of the CIA's secret prisons in Thailand, where Qaeda terrorists were tortured. She was actually protested by ex-CIA officers when sworn in as CIA Director.

Clearly, the latest Trump resorts aren’t Cheney approved Concentration Camps and I am not sure what star rating you can give these “Summer Camps.”

When it comes to star ratings, Trump will find it hard to hold onto his Hollywood star and even if he ordered everyone in his “Summer Camps” to wear a big yellow star, the Apprentice star isn’t going to get any better reviews for his resorts.

Anne Frank had a diary, these kids have tv, clearly, things are much better but then again, Hitler hid the horrors of the Holocaust from the average German which makes this moment in history so much worse.

Operating all year round, these camps, whatever you want to call them, are not “Summer Camps” as Fox and Friends would argue. Let’s look at these camps, oh wait, people including politicians haven’t really been allowed inside. Probably in an effort to hide how fantastic these internment camps are.

What do we even know about Concentration Camps? How many were there and where were they? There is one tv expert I would love to see touring these wonderful “Summer Camps” and that is George Takai. Star Trek’s Sulu spent more than a Summer inside American Concentration Camps during World War II and I wonder if he would get a warm nostalgic feeling when returning to a Concentration Camp.

The Americans were not the first to use Concentration Camps of course as the British under an Irish born general used them in the Boer War.

Then there was the Germans who up until very recently, I didn’t appreciate the magnitude of these German camps even if we all know of the most famous death camps such as Auschwitz.

Across France, Germany and Poland, hundreds of camps dotted the map and Spain had 300 camps following the Spanish Civil War.

Cheney wants AOC to learn some history but ignorance is bliss and I certainly wouldn’t suggest people with a weak stomach watch the US Army videos filmed in the weeks after the liberation of some these many many camps.

Germans were forced to see what they had done after World War II much like training a dog who has pissed on a good rug. Germans are now house trained but how many Americans have seen inside one of the Japanese Internment Camps.

Cheney could certainly do with a tour of her father’s handy work in Afghanistan, Iraq and Cuba and I wonder if her father ever waterboarded her to find out if she was telling the truth about finishing her homework and I’m really not sure Cheney is the one to be handing out history lessons.

AOC is just a barmaid so drink up as she listens up and tries to clean up the mess made by the last Cheney who served themself in this once-respected public house.

If I was the US President, there would still be children in cages, if I was An Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) there would still be people who endured sexual abuse in orphanages and immigrants living in poor conditions and if I was the President of Spain, there would still be people in the street saluting General Franco.

The difference is, it would be inevitable and undesirable and I would never make it my policy.

I would never encourage the extreme usage of Concentration Camps but would use them to temporarily house illegal immigrants. For generations, America has been a home for immigrants and has proudly claimed to be the Land of the Free but other countries enjoy more freedoms than Americans do, other countries allow for the freedom of the press and freedom of speech and few countries imprison their population like America does.

Trump advocates for the worst of the worst such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been sued for allowing a pregnant woman to have a caesarean section while handcuffed.

Concentration Camp is a word we should never ever use but if they are back, let’s investigate them and call a spade a spade.

One mile up the road from my parents’ house is a refugee camp and 15 years on from when it opened, I would have to admit, I have no idea about the conditions inside or what life is like for the people inside. It costs money to run such facilities and again I have no idea what profit is generated by housing people, long term in refugee camps.

AOC was a barmaid which she demonstrated a few weeks ago by working in a bar to promote the minimum wage. Around the same time, Trump’s sons, (well not his youngest son who must be hiding in a Summer camp somewhere but his sons from his first First Family) were busy buying drinks in a pub in Ireland to impress the locals.

Yokels were impressed but apparently, Trump & Sons didn’t carry cash and couldn’t pay. Strange that none of their Secret Service had a credit card with them and the armed men robbed the bar blind.

Barrack Obama if I remember correctly, insisted on paying for his drink when in Ireland. He made a point of it and it is easy to pay €5 for a Guinness when people are offering it for free but even if it was bill for €500 or €5,000, I would imagine that Obama would put it on his card if he didn’t have enough cash and I’m guessing if AOC was there she would make him pay for the drink.

Pay your bills, don’t buy people with drink because you have to get them to like you and act like you are rich; drink in your dad’s golf course if you don’t carry cash with you and when AOC calls you a cab, thank her and smile.

Please don't be a dick Cheeney. It’s time to go home America, you’re drunk.


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