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People give Pence a hard time

No seriously, give that child caging, gay hating, racist supporting fascist a hard time please.

Martin Luther King had a dream 50 years ago but I remember having a nightmare a few years ago and it was about Mike Pence. I was looking at Facebook late one night and there was a story about Mike Pence. I think he was already VP by then but the story wasn't bad or particularly bad or anything. This was the early days of Trump/Pence when children still got soap and medicine when they were detained and Mexico and not the military were meant to pay for the wall.

The story must have been about a Mike Pence presidency or succession to the throne or something like that and while Pence isn't worth spending a dime on, the penny must have dropped about how bad that guy could possibly be if he ever came out from the shadows and was handed the reigns of power.

Trump's Vice and I don't mean, racism, fascism, sexism, sexual assault and allegations of snorting crushed up Adderall but his Vice President Mike Pence could be a monster hiding behind that gay hating, rights suppressing, election meddling, child caging Mr Nice Guy facade.

Now I don't have any proof that Mike Pence is as bad as I have imagined but let me tell you about the dream that I had and remember this was well before Charlottesville as far as I can remember and as I took note of the dream at the time, I know I have the date recorded somewhere.

Anyways, I closed my laptop and fell asleep but this image of the scary white haired man disturbed me and I found myself in a very visceral dream where I had to fight Nazis in an old two story house and as it was a dream it gets a little weirder as most of the Nazis that I remember were blonde women and as hard as nails and there was a speargun on the table for some reason.

Why was there a speargun on the table? I don't know but I had to use it at one stage as I fought the last of these not so nice Nazi ladies. I don't normally remember dreams but this was as memorable as it was violent and I'm sure I don't normally bring a speargun to bed but as the National Speargun Association says, "The only way to stop a dream full of Nazi ladies is a good guy with a speargun."

I'm not saying I was right to fight those attractive blonde Nazis and I'm sure Mike Pence's boss (who you can totally imagine wearing a Hugo Boss outfit) would argue that "There was wrong on both sides."

"Congratulations" Poland on your Nazi invasion, I sometimes wonder why Hitler didn't just offer to buy Poland from Denmark but Mike Pence like the bad penny he is, is always there as a yes man to support Trump's bad ideas.

Never a word out of him other than to support stupid things like Space Force, never there to say, those men and children are squeezed into our Concentration Camps a little too tight Sir or "We should not nuke hurricanes."

Behind the scenes, Pence acts like a grown-up, spineless but a grown-up and you have to wonder where the Pussy Grabber-in-Chief met this guy? I can't imagine it was on Epstein's island and reports suggest that Pence was introduced to Trump through Paul Manafort who was Trump's Campaign Manager at the time, (Now serving time for his many crimes).

Paul "Heil Hydra" Manafort got in trouble for hiding millions he received from Russian and Ukrainian contacts including the fact that he forgot to mention to the Justice Department that he was a fixer for the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.* Manafort and his millions are gone thanks to Robert Mueller and the FBI but this dodgy character left behind Mike Pence like a creepy Babushka Doll.

Never there to be the good angel on "The King of Israel's" shoulder but always there to help make people suffer especially in the name of Christianity.

Let's hope he wasn't shown the Death Camps while in Poland because as I said, "I had a dream" but I don't yet have a speargun.

HE DID NAZI THAT SIGN: I wonder was he hoping to meet Wernher von Braun at NASA.

MANNEQUIN MAN: Mike Pence weighs in on the Government Shutdown thinking, "am I allowed to be this close to a woman?"

MOUSTACHE KISS: Trump weirdly embraces his weird friend who I can totally imagine as a Nazi.

NIGHTMARE: I think we all wake up wondering what's going to happen next.

DON'T GET CROSS: Mike Pence is probably a nice normal religious guy but not the way I Vision him.

MURDERING MONK: Paul "Vision" Bethany playing the white haired killer in the Da Vinci Code.

GET TO THE POINT: James Bond explains it better than I ever could.

*Follow the Money: Manafort introduced Mike Pence to Trump's crazy campaign.


More Manafort: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/manaforts-lawyers-appealed-for-mercy--but-not-from-the-judge/2019/03/13/29bb3872-45cc-11e9-8aab-95b8d80a1e4f_story.html

Here is an article about Planned Parenthood but there are many on his dodgy contributions to society.


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