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My mother should be running the country

Happy International Women's Day everyone, usually I take to the streets to photograph the women's march in Madrid but this year I am calling in sick with Man Flu or at least Coronavirus fear.

I am trying to stay away from unnecessary gatherings of people which means staying at home rather than hitting the streets with all the other men, women and children who I have photographed in the past celebrating the event.

I am just off the phone with my mother and naturally we talked about the spread of Covid-19 and local responses. My mother is normally busy preparing for Daffodil Day at this time of the year and the event I believe is scheduled for Friday, March 27th and instead of separating materials and merchandise for the event, she has left everything in their boxes in case the event gets cancelled.

Not only is this logical but she is also taking a preventative step as much of the material has probably come from China. Not only has she put off unboxing the Daffodil Day supplies, she has also questioned how organisers will handle money in the event that coronavirus isn't under control by the time the event goes ahead.

Yes, the same woman who has probably had to tell me not to put money in my mouth as coins can contain all kinds of germs, is now rightfully wondering how a national charity can receive donations.

My mother is concerned about the risks I am exposed to while taking public transport in a major metropolitan city and I have reassured her that I am taking precautions well beyond what is being suggested. For example, I have started wearing a disposable glove on my right hand so that I can open doors and hold on to handrails on the Metro without being exposed to surfaces that probably haven't been disinfected.

I am also wearing a scarf around my mouth and nose which comes as some comfort as people continue to cough and sneeze all around me. Yuck

I questioned how well the Taoiseach is handling the situation considering that he used to be a doctor and the natural advantage Ireland has as an island when it comes to combating Coronavirus. That said, I wonder how many Italians have arrived in Ireland this weekend and how much screening has taken place. My mother then asked me why the agriculture sector hasn't been put in charge of dealing with Coronavirus after the terrific job farmers did at curtailing the spread of Foot and Mouth disease.

As I keep saying, this is a common-sense problem that can be managed without panic but you have to wonder why my mother isn't running the country. Mary is certainly a trusted name when it comes to politics and she could join the ranks of leaders named Mary such as President Robinson and President McAleese, Athlonian and former Seanad Leader, Mary O'Rouke, Sein Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald, former Minister Mary Hanafin or former Tainiste Mary Coughlan.

Anyways as my mother always told me and I am sure your mother did too,

wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough.

Stay safe everyone, Happy International Women's Day and call your mother if you haven't already, she is full of good advice and knows what's best for you.

INSPECTING THE TULIPS: My mother admiring the flowers at Áras an Uachtarain.

LITTLE WOMEN: My mother holding my niece who was born on International Women's Day.

STABLE GOVERNMENT: I wonder if my mother would allow me to talk politics at this table.

MADE OF STRONGER STUFF: Mum with statues of Mary Robinson and McAleese

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