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Yes, we are allowed to laugh again

Updated: Apr 26

As it was pointed out by one of the owners, or the MC on the night, comedians can't see your smile behind your N95 mask so it is very important to show our appreciation when we enjoy their show.

I got to enjoy some unexpected comedy gold on Thursday night and would like to thank them for the smiles and laughs that I hid behind my mask.

Firstly, I hadn't planned on going to a comedy club in the middle of a pandemic but I was relieved to hear that my mother had received her vaccine meaning that both my parents have had their first pfizer jab. This might be the beginning of the end but it is no laughing matter with new strains to worry about and plenty of people still a long way away from getting the vaccine.

Yesterday, The White House announced that everyone over 16 in America would now be eligible to get the vaccine and a Swedish teenager, a little over 16 has pledged to invest 100,000 euros in poorer countries who are less likely to be able to get the vaccine right now.

Both young and old can be happy that we are finally starting to see progress but people will still have to keep Covid at bay until fully vaccinated which I believe is a few weeks after the second jap.

Enough about covid, lets talk about the new comedy club in Madrid in Calle Huertes called El Golfo.


With it's bright lights outside and attractive interior, I really recommend checking them out and as soon as I walked in, I could see a very attractive waitress wearing a tight leather top and trousers.

I might go to hell for this but she reminded me of the demon bar manager Mazikeen in the tv series Lucifer who used to dress in a very similar way.

Seated a safe distance from the rest of their patrons, I had no expectations for the night as a friend offered me his husband's ticket, and taking no chances, I wore a N95 mask in case people were too close together.

Safely separated with table service, a beautiful waitress in short shorts served the room as one of the owners of the new club reminded everyone to keep their masks on when not sipping their drinks and I was delighted to see that this club was much safer than the nightclubs in Madrid that I have been complaining about recently on Irish radio and in newspapers back home.

Speaking with one of the owners, he also explained something about them installing extra ventilation but as always, the ventilation went over my head (BADUMM TSSSSSs) even though I was happy to hear about the efforts they had put into this new venue.

Covid is no laughing matter so let's look at the actual comedians for a minute.

The comics each took their turn on the stage and I could see a very attractive comic from Portugal who was waiting for a better reaction from the crowd then he was getting and I had to explain to him afterwards that, people aren't comfortable laughing yet and most people probably don't feel safe laughing out loud in new environments.

It was a strange but not unwelcome feeling for me to be able to relax inside a club again.

I read recently about a brain fog people are experiencing where there is no stimuli being created during the pandemic as we work from home, the kind of stimulation we get when we meet new people or when a dog walks into a school unexpectantly and everyone gets excited when they see it.

I felt like I was in the Beautiful People's Club like a classic sketch from Family Guy and the fact that I am describing everyone as being attractive might be due to the fact that it is so nice to be out and seeing unfamilar faces that aren't either my girlfriend or our cats, and my friend who invited me to the club later told his husband about the beautiful waitresses so maybe it wasn't just my imagination.

As I said, bright lights outside and an attractive interior, it is worth checking out El Golfo on Calle Huertes, and a Spanish woman from Estremadura stood up to tell some outrageous jokes to make us laugh including her experience in Ireland learning English where she tried to explain that she comes from a part of Spain called Extremadura which she translated as "extremely hard" and then said her name using I instead of I am and said, "I 9 years old and I come extremely hard" mimicking the broken ackward English a teenager might have in a foreign country which was hilarius.

A half Jewish, half Muslim comedian from New York explained the difficulties and dangers of telling some of his jokes in different parts of America and at one stage he joked about Melania Trump's poor English explaining that he could imagine her showing people around the White House, sounding like Borat which is an image I will never get out of my head.

I spoke with some of the comedians at the end of the night and wanted to join them for a drink but by 11 O'Clock, the owner was closing the door and wouldn't even entertain chupitos (shots) with the comics as he insisted on following all recommendations, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

If we are allowed to laugh again, then I suggest you check out this new comedy club but if we want to see the end of Covid 19 then everyone will have to at least make an effort like this comedy club has.

Seriosly, no joking, it's time to say adiós to Coronavirus and covid restrictions.

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