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Have you been to the Cex shop?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Have you been to the Cex shop on Calle Atocha? Cex, the franchise of second hand shops that you find in both Ireland and Spain, not the sex shop, El Mundo Fatasio which is also on Calle Atocha.

Cex, a second hand shop that sells everything from DVDs, Video games, consoles, cameras and smart phones. Cex buys and sells various electronic items from the latest iPhones to camera lens to laptops and computer parts to gaming consoles and controllers.

Step into Cex and you will find a stairs to your right leading to a floor dedicated to DVDs. Downstairs you will find sections for Xbox and Playstation games as well as games and blue ray discs for PSP devices.

From the street you will see laptops, GPSs and cameras in the window and inside these glass shelves continue with computer, camera and mobile phones.

This is a second-hand shop so part of the appeal is the ability to both buy and sell but with the instant satisfaction you won’t get from online selling. You may have to queue a little for the service as the staff, many whom speak English, have to deal with various technical queries about the second-hand products they are selling.

From the Q section upstairs where you find no Q character in Quantum of Solace to the queue downstairs where you will find many Q like characters working on computers, checking DVDs and Video games and answering questions, check out the Cex shop in Calle Atocha.

Need a camera lens or have one to sell? You will find they even offer guarantees.

Looking for a classic film or want to get rid of your own collection. Check them out.

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