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93 Days Later

Tonight I watched 93 Days which was as scary as 28 Days Later but based on a true story where 20 people mostly doctors and nurses died in Nigeria when a diplomat presented himself with signs of Ebola in a private hospital.

In the film, an American doctor talks about the danger of the disease which kills 80% of the people it infects. Ebola is nasty and messy and makes Coronavirus look pale by comparison.

They say whatever doesn't kill you, can only make you stronger and maybe Covid-19 will pave the way for better pandemic responses and procedures and we will hoepfully never find ourselves in the same situation of the Spanish Flu where nurses tagged the living as the pandemic killed young healthy people in a matter of hours.

Bill Gates did a fantastic Ted Talk about pandemics that has spread faster on Social Media than Coronavirus at Chelteham. If you haven't seen it that it is well worth watching where the billionaire philantropist focuses on a future threat that could devastate humanity.

One of his comments about the Ebola outbreak in 2014 was that we were lucky.

If Ebola had spread to cities or airports and not where it did, things could have been far worse, and even when it did strike, responses were slow and data was recorded on handwritten notes and the information was not shared as quickly or as easily as it is today.

We have been lucky in the past but maybe Coronavirus can prepare us for the next big pandemic that could destroy communities with a faster infection rate and mortality rate like Ebola.

Luck won't always save us from disaster and as I watched Danny Glover playing the lead doctor in 93 Days, I couldn't help but wonder if we aren't getting "too old for this shit."

Danny Glover is no stranger to dicing with death on the big screen. Whether he is a colonel in Shooter, a detective in Lethal Weapon, a doctor fighting Ebola or the US President in a disaster film.

Danny Glover has handled himself well and even turned his Whitehouse into a field hospital in the end of the world film 2012 when he played President Thomas Wilson who refused to evacute in time.

2012 might be an action-packed disaster film but there are some genuinly good scenes in it.

Politically, Glover has now turned to endorsing Bernie Sanders for president in 2020 where I imagine the actor has got too old waiting for politicians to act on proper healthcare while shooters walk into schools, churches, and theatres with lethal weapons while some politicians take money the NRA.

MASS CASUALTIES: Glover's role as a heroic president in time of crisis should be the appropriate response of any world leader but instead President Trump has planned to pack churches on Easter Sunday, I guess, to pray away the pandemic.

I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT: Dr. Anthony "Don't Touch Your Face" Fauci would probably be happier combatting Ebola or an active shooter like one of Danny Glover's characters than waking up each day partnered up with a reckless white guy who is going to get him killed.

ALIEN Vs PREDATOR: Maybe it's time Murica stopped hating Mexicans and locked up their sexual Predator-in-Chief. Let's see how they vote after this pandemic. Will it be Bernie or Biden, someone else or Trump. All I know is Covid-19 attacks those who are "Too old" and don't pass the test

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