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7 days on Public Transport makes 1 Weak

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

My week on public transport (10/10/19-17/10/19)

Bike Vs Train

On Thursday 10th of October, the 3.33 train broke down and people had to be evacuated before anyone could even think of boarding the train.

There was one girl crying on the platform when I arrived and I presume she was worried that she might miss a flight as the line connects to the airport.

As a Top Gear fan I decided to try my own Top Gear challenge and wondered if I could quickly go home, change clothes, dust off my bicycle and cycle 15kms to work. I did.

The aim was to beat the train but despite my best efforts I ended up 5 minutes late for my class.

The train is incredibly fast at only 21-25 minutes but by the time you factor in taking metros to the station and walking a couple of kilometres from the train station to work, cycling direct makes more sense if the train is going to be 15 minutes late.

Friday was fine on the Metro and I didn’t use public transport over the weekend despite going to a train museum to see yet more trains that don’t go anywhere.

At least those trains aren't meant to move.

On Monday, there was vomit all over the Metro platform which is disgusting for both users of public transport and those having to clean up the actual platform. Yuck.

You really have to appreciate all those who keep the subway safe and clean.

On Tuesday, the Metro was not moving because of “Incidencias” so I cancelled my class thinking that there might have been a tragic accident delaying the Metro which would not easily been resolved and it is unreasonable to expect services to quickly resume if something terrible had happened.

People had been waiting for about ten minutes on the Metro when I arrived and after another few minutes it was apparent that we were going nowhere.

I don’t know what happened to the Metro on Tuesday but maybe they were practicing for their centenary celebrations and train strike.

As a result of the "Incidencia", I decided not to risk taking the train later on and enjoyed a great cycle through Case de Campo.

Wednesday was fine but I started downloading Apps for electric scooters to try and avoid using public transport on the Metro’s Striking Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Metro Madrid

Celebrating the centenary of Madrid Metro and all the great things associated with public transport and moving millions of people around a city, Metro Madrid held a strike.

Well of course they did. What else could unite people on this special day than the uncertainty of whether there is a train or not?

Nothing brings people closer together than being sandwiched face to face with strangers as more and more people climb onboard the train that is already crowded when they have normal working service.

My plans to walk to work or take an electric scooter during the strike was put off as the rain poured down but I had already made arrangements days in advance to say that I might be late to work.

With a working Metro, I was actually able to make it to work by allowing myself extra time to get there. The moving Metro made a pleasant surprise from Tuesday’s Metro which went nowhere. Well done to everyone who has held up public transport over the years.

Your Metro, Your Orchestra

You cannot make this stuff up but to celebrate Metro Madrid's centenary, they even organised an orchestra in Metro Sol, on the same day, believe it or not, that the Metro was having a 24 hour strike.

Organised by the Regional Department of Culture and Tourism and Regional Department for Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure, tourists could enjoy some music as they waited unnecessarily for their metros. Tourists could enjoy a little fiesta as the train drivers took a siesta.

Is there anything more ironic than celebrating public transport with song and dance while actually deliberately delaying your passengers?

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