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50% F off

I know this is a sign of the times but it's not Sophie's Choice.

I have been very disappointed by my local Burger King over the last six months and part of the reason for that is because I hold them to a higher standard because I presume they hire the best people.

I’ll get into my BK bias in a minute but let me try to describe my annoyance about Burger King in Calle Atocha first. I have found a lack of communication on their part as this fast-food outlet has been closed for much of the Pandemic even when other places re-opened and all that was needed was an A4 piece of paper in the window explaining the situation.

Maybe they could have written, "We are closed until further notice" or a note saying that "Burger King is open at Rotunda de Atocha" and the next nearest store. Maybe they could have referred to their website saying that deliveries are still available from 9 to 9 or whatever their hours are. I still can't believe how bad businesses are at communicating basic details such as their opening hours.

This is basic communication with their customers and since their rival promises “Every time a good time” I think the King of burgers could communicate better with his subjects.

This week, there is a sign saying 50% capacity in a restaurant (Aforo 50%) but what is 50%?

Half of nothing is still nothing

How am I meant to know what 50% means? This isn’t Sophie’s Choice, if your capacity is 100 people than write capacity 50 customers. If your capacity is only 50 than write max 25 people and if your capacity is only 25 people than tell customers that only 12.5 customers are allowed inside.

The maths is simple, I know, but Burger King has to become better at communicating to customers or else, we will see mothers inside ordering while the father waits outside with half the children.

We will see couple divided over this and twins and clones confused as each points to themselves realising that they cannot come in.

Do you really want to divide people Burger King?

What if I meet my Doppelganger and can’t order a Doublewhopper?

These are strange times and the reason I am so hard on my local Burger King is because I have seen hard working friendly staff that have got my order right 100% of the time. I have seen one cashier trying to give directions in English to a tourist who wasn’t even a customer and when Judge Brett Kavanaugh was crying for bear two years ago during his hearings, I tweeted that my local Burger King has better people prepared to serve if only they would let the BK HR manager grill Justice Kavanaugh for five minutes.

These are challenging times for all of us, not just 50% of us but all of us and people will need to step up to the plate in every single business and restaurant because you can’t have it your way with Coronavirus and you can’t communicate 50% capacity that way either.

I’m not half the man I was at the start of this pandemic but 50% of me is still hungry as hell and the other half angry but let’s all be hangry together.

Forget their confusing sign and take your better half to Burger King but let's take a moment to remember all the people we have lost in 2020 including actress Leslie Hamilton Freas who was the best stunt double ever playing the role of Sarah Conner in Terminator 2 and died at the end of August.

Leslie was the twin sister of actress Linda Hamilton and made a lasting impression as a terminator.


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