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13 things that could happen with BREXIT

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

There are so many different things that could happen with Brexit so let’s look at some I've just imagined including the ridiculous:

  1. Another Referendum even though there is not enough time to call and organise one.

  2. Revolution but Yellow Vest protestors mightn’t want to follow a French tradition.

  3. Nothing and we all act like it was a dream like in the tv series Dallas

  4. May realises that it is hopeless and throws in the towel.

  5. Europe extends the timeline and Theresa May’s cat destroys her homework again.

  6. Europe agrees to all of England’s wishes if people promise not to kill themselves.

  7. A leader emerges that is not hated by half his/her party.

  8. A dictator emerges with an America First mentality.

  9. America or Russia annexes the island in preparation of World War 3.

  10. The People get another vote and take it seriously this time.

  11. 50 days go by and nothing happens until the 11th hour.

  12. V leads an army of Stephen Frys and Natalie Portmen accross London as 3500 soldiers watch on waiting for orders from the leader who has been backstabbed by his cabinet.

  13. Scotland and Northern Ireland join Great Ireland and Great Scotland.

How about a Scooby Doo ending instead?

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