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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Sexpionage: Location Location Location

A couple of years ago, a Spanish friend asked me what was the big deal about Donald Trump sleeping with prostitutes and I was surprised firstly with her questioning and secondly how much of the story that she was missing.

My friend is a business woman who I have the utmost respect for but Donald Trump is not accused of sleeping with prostitutes but partying with Russian prostitutes in Russia, more importantly in Moscow and as such, many speculate that the Kremlin have kompromat on him.

The kompromat story was also originally reported that he had paid the Russian prostitutes to pee on the bed not because that was his kink but because Barrack Obama and Michele Obama had stayed there in the past.

President Obama was no doubt aware that this hotel was apparently known for taping guests and looking for blackmail material but Trump is apparently not as intelligent nor does he listen to his intelligence agencies.

Mr Trump before becoming President through a very questionable election where his opponent won more votes than him is accused of paying prostitutes to piss on the bed where President Obama stayed.

We are not accusing Trump of having sex with prostitutes even though his paid affairs with Porn Star Stormy Daniels are well documented as well as an affair with a Playboy model.

It is suggested that there is "compromising material" or kompromator as it is known, of him paying prostitutes to pee on the bed.

He is not accused of having an interest in water sports which I believe involves urinating on or being urinating on but of pure racism and hatred of the American president.

Having sex with prostitutes is normal, they say it is the oldest profession and certainly Washington D.C. has a lot of prostitutes working in the capital who entertain lobbyist and lonely politicians away from their wives but Trump is famous for real estate and the only thing I know about Real Estate is Location Location Location.

Okay that is not the only thing I know, you have to pay your employees, install fire alarms and watch out for health violations in your restaurants. None of which Trump seems to have learnt either.

I understand that Trump who charges Secret Service to stay in his hotel had argued against installing sprinklers in his building which was highlighted when the "You’re fired" reality star had a real fire. Art dealer Todd Brassner died in the resulting fire.

Staying in someone else’s hotel, Trump is accused of paying prostitutes in a Russian hotel opposite the Kremlin. The location next to the hotel being highlighted by Stephen Colbert when he travelled to Russia where he stayed in the very suite in question. The Presidential suite.


KGB General, Oleg Kalugin is famous for saying, “In your world, many times, you ask your young men to stand up and proudly serve their country. In Russia, sometime we ask our women just to lie down.”

Kalugin is now an American citizen living close to the American capital but in a former life, he was Col Vladimir Putin’s KGB boss.

Pulling the Piss

All I know is, Trump hates Barrack Obama and has pissed all over his accomplishments including The Affordable Care Act better known as Obama Care while at the same time defending Vladimir Putin at every step along the way.

Is the Pee Pee tape real? I haven’t seen it nor do I want to but having sex with prostitutes is not the issue here, kinky water sports is not the issue, racism is not the issue here, Russian collusion and Russian money is not the issue here, the fact of the matter is he made having sex with Russian hookers, dirty.

Not pleasurable like Bill Clinton’s infamous affair just dirty and wrong.

Ask Donal Trump’s Russian brides, Ivanna and Melania about his affairs and I am sure they can defend him but doing it in front of the Kremlin is a step too far when Russia is lead by a world leader who was a former Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB stationed in Dresden, when the Berlin Wall came down.

You might want to build a wall and think Mexico is going to pay for it but I am guessing Lieutenant Colonel Putin has never gotten over the Berlin Wall and the fall of the USSR.

Thank god for Trump who likes to grab women by the pussy and just starts kissing women if he is attracted to them, a fact that would make any sespionage act easy. Call it locker room talk or say that Billy Bush egged him on but Trump is a dream come true for anyone looking to embarrass America with kompromat, компрометирующий as it is known in the Kremlin and some Moscow hotels.

Women and inappropriate behaviour just happens to be as the Donald Trump's forte.


Anyone working in Real Estate will tell you, it’s all about Location Location Location.

I remember while on a fact finding mission for a charity in Belarus, our group arrived at our hotel in Minsk which was opposite an army barracks. The very next morning we were told that there were complaints that there were lights on after 11pm. That was 2003 but we were still very much behind the Iron Curtain.

Back in the Presidential Suite in Moscow and all of this trouble with the FBI and the Russian investigation could probably have been avoided if Trump had just pulled the curtains.

When picking a place for prostitutes to pee on, remember remember remember, the Location as the Kremlin will be quick to remind you,

Location, Location, Location.

Don’t worry they won’t leak your pee pee tape but it will probably come at a price.


One element that has always troubled me about this alleged story is who does such a thing? Seriously?

Did they pee before bed time? Did they make his bed and then he had to sleep in it?

Did they do it in the morning leaving house cleaning and management an obvious orange and yellow mess to clean? Don’t do your laundry in public Donny.


This story might not be true even if credible spy sources are behind it and many don’t have the stomach to investigate it further anyways but Trump will always be linked with the story of the Pee Pee Tape and his reputation like the sheets will always be sullied by the whiff of compromised material компрометирующий.

Living in the White House, I’m sure Trump has the finest white linen sheets and I wonder how a Nationalist like Trump hates Blackmail but the story does seem far worse than Hillary’s deleted e-mails.

“Russia if you’re listening,” please release The Dozier so we can finally address his stream of lies and the bed he must now sleep in.

Actress Scarlett Johansson plays a sexy character called Black Widow in a series of Marvel films where she is an ex-soviet spy and not very shy about getting involved with unlawful activities. Sexy Scarlett kicks ass with her slutty sleuth character Black Widow but the New Yorker has also played Donal Trump's daughter Ivanna Trump in SNL's comedy sketches meaning this actress is probably our best bet and getting the truth out of Donald Trump about what happened in the Presidential Suite.

Putin Photo credit: www.Kremlin.ru

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in the cabin of strategic bomber ТU-160 before the beginning of military exercises of the Air Forces and Northern Fleet, Chkalovsky Airfield, Moscow.

Aboard battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiv during a military exercise in 2005.

President Putin performing judo with a young athlete at the Gushikawa sports centre in Okinawa.

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