About me

From real-life knights on quixotical quests and boarding a Spanish galleon and Columbus´ ships to meeting people prepared to leave Earth to live on Mars and finding some friends in a Space caravan to everyday things like farming and jumping in the deep end of a pool to look at lifeguard training to extraordinary things like swimming the length of the River Shannon. I am always prepared to jump in a boat and row or jump out of a plane for charity.


Looking at Civil War planes that are grounded and looking up to modern Eurofighters above, you never know who you will meet and what you might see. Meet Banksy in Madrid or his famous flower thrower anyways. Spy on James Bond and take a shot at gun culture. Suit up for triAthlone and follow me to Star Wars Island or join me as I take a lightsaber to fight in Madrid at night.


NoHemingway.com continues the Spanish adventure with sights and sounds of Spain and images of an immigrant's life from Ireland and Spain. This blog takes a look at Irish culture through Embassy events, Saint Patrick´s Day, Halloween and the passionate people celebrating Bloomsday every year.


Love or loathe the name NoHemingway.com, Spain offers many fascinating stories worth sharing, so, join me for a drink in one of Senor Hemingway´s local bars and see why friends say, “you’re No Hemingway.”


Subjects: Star Wars, Space, Politics, Columbus, Knights fighting in La Mancha, lifesaving and the joys of James Joyce and Bloomsday. Parades and Protests, James Bond, River Monsters and Jack the Ripper. Some of the subjects you can enjoy on NoHemingway.com



Photographs my own unless otherwise stated. Wikipedia offers some images that are in the Public Domain and Hollywood .GIFs are too good to not include and when possible I create my own .GIF photographs for you to enjoy.


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